• Q1.Does the Hotel provide lounge services?+

    We hope to provide our guests with the simplest and most comfortable residential environment.
  • Q2.Do you provide luggage storage facilities?+

    You may deposit your luggage beside the information desk.
  • Q3.What is the bed size?+

    Double King Size:165cm x 200cm, Bedsheet:110cm x 200cm
  • Q4.When was the Hotel opened?+

    It was opened in 2014.
  • Q5.Does the Hotel provide parking?+

    The hotel offers a free parking lot at the basement.
  • Q6.Is there a bathtub in the bathroom?+

    However, the rooms equipped with bathtub are limited.
    If required, please book in advance via phone or email and notify the reservation agent.
  • Q7.Does the Hotel provide Wi-Fi?+

    We offer 24-hour free wireless internet / cable access.
  • Q8.How to get to the Hotel?+

    • Driving

      Exit to Changhua Intersection via National Highway No. 1, turn right at Zhonghua W. Road to Central Road alongside Central Bridge, and turn left to Zhongshan Road, Sec. 1 straight to Zhongxin Road, and then turn right after 400M to Jianbao Street where the destination is located (in case of the Formosa Freeway, please go direct to Taichung / Changhua via Changhua JCT to connect with National Highway No. 1).

    • By Train/HSR

      Take the train at New Wuri Station, Taichung and get off at Changhua Train Station, take Bus No. 6933 to the destination.

    • By Bus
      Near Changhua Christian Hospital:6933 Changhua Christian Hospital Station.
  • Q9.Are additional persons or beds acceptable?Will additional charges be collected?+

    Additional persons / beds are available in some types of room. NT$600 will be charged for each additional person and NT$1000 for each additional bed.
    (Please contact the counter or room reservation center for details)
  • Q10.What kind of breakfast does the Hotel provide?+

    Chinese and Western buffet breakfasts.

Please feel free to inquire about accommodation and reservation of room via this Form. Your thoughts and suggestions about accommodation, if any, are also greatly appreciated.
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